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Our personalized creative approach to each company we represent allows our clients to be noticed and recognized. We maintain the highest level of energy and enthusiasm for each project, targeting our efforts to the appropriate audience. 

Time and time again our clients have reaped the benefits of media exposure, helping them to build credibility, develop an image and create loyal customers. 

We achieve this through: 

  • Eye catching press kits
  • Thought-provoking and newsworthy press releases
  • Unique media plans
  • Unparalleled media contacts and follow up
  • News that translates into results

At R.S.V.P. we use our media skills to place our clients' message in print, broadcast and electronic media.
We are in continuous contact with the media giving updates on your company's news, expansions, promotions and more. Our excellent contacts with local and national media places our clients on the cutting edge.
Public relations is an ongoing process, one we have successfully mastered. 

A special event is the perfect opportunity to showcase your company in an exciting and memorable fashion.  It takes a unique talent to marry your company with an event that sparks fireworks.

Our special events include: 

  • Development of new event ideas
  • Exciting themes
  • Grand openings
  • Groundbreakings
  • Holiday / Black-tie galas
  • Product launches
  • Improving existing events

R.S.V.P. prides itself in our development of truly creative and one-of-a-kind events. Whether you require an elegant dinner for 10 or an industry trade show for 2000, R.S.V.P. will plan, implement and execute every detail of your unique event. Our clients attend their own functions as honored guests, enabling them to focus on their customers and their products, not the logistics and details of the event. We send our clients and their party-goers away oohing and aahing!

We have a flair in the art of creating bottom line promotions that deliver the message you are sending and stimulates needed action.
We develop in-store and third party promotions to ensure ongoing exposure that can come only from successful campaigns.
R.S.V.P. designs and implements creative ways to bridge the gap between your business and its target audience. 

Promotional ideas:


  • Celebrity tie-ins
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • In-store promotions
  • Media contests and giveaways
  • Media sponsorships
  • Motivational speakers
  • Traffic builders

At R.S.V.P. we arrange interviews, speaking engagements and publicity tours for corporate executives, individuals and authors publicizing their latest release.  Additionally, R.S.V.P. coordinates and executes book signings at various book stores and other appropriate locations.

Our creative team strives to produce the highest quality and cost effective “market identifying pieces.”  R.S.V.P. designs business materials that will stand out from stacks of thousands. 

We develop the following materials that are sure to create a long lasting image:

  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Corporate Identity
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Invitations
  • Letterhead
  • Newsletters
  • Press kits
  • PSA’s
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