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Meet Rhonda S. Verona!

Rhonda S. Verona’s favorite things in life are blue skies, Arizona sunsets, a challenging game of tennis, and the exhilarating feeling she gets from creating and implementing cutting edge
public relations portfolios, parties, philanthropic events and media plans.

Vibrant and outgoing, her personality shines through into every aspect of her work. She is the conductor behind the orchestration of R.S.V.P.’s work. Demanding the same zest for life and professionalism from her staff, every item of work leaving R.S.V.P. reflects exuberance targeted to each client’s specific needs. Each client benefits from her unique blend of energy,
creativity and talent.
Rhonda received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Public Relations from
Arizona State University.  In her first year as a public relations professional, Rhonda won over a
NBC “Today Show” producer by persuading her to stage a back to school fashion segment in
New York’s Central Park for one of her clients. The rest, as they say, is history.
In 1988, Rhonda launched R.S.V.P. & Associates as a national public relations firm,
utilizing the skills she had gained working for high profile agencies and capitalizing on her
innate talent for writing, her media savvy and her creative abilities.

Rhonda's professionalism, skill, tenacity,and ambition have made R.S.V.P. what it is today.
You may not be familiar with Rhonda S. Verona, but she’s made sure that you’ve heard of her clients.

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